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We made an electronic craft version of the classic Light Poll, with wood, electronics, custom 3d printed parts, arduino and some machine knitting. The speed of the motor, direction of spinning and behaviour of lights can be ...

Light Polls

3D printing, electronic craft, knitting

Arts and crafts supplies around our island: Fabrics TygJOhan:   You can find all kind of fabrics, sewing and embroidery materials 10 mins walking from Kulturlagret.  Hjalmar Brantingsgatan 11. Vynil Press: The ...



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If you wish to make the internet from scratch, you must first invent an apple pie. [gallery ids="428,427,435,434,433,432,431,430,429,436,426,425,424"] Kniternet at Click festival. May 15-17th, Elsingør, ...


exhibition, knitting

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Torrent is a machine knitted tent hosting different types of media related with the history of Piratbyrån. The tent is a patchwork of pyramid patterns combined with the logo Piratbyrån that also hosts bits of ...

Torrent Tent

exhibition, knitting, slöjd

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Dataslöjd joined the Simultáneo project, an online event at La Tallera, Mexico. We live-streamed performances, videos and presentations from Kulturlager in Backaplan. DATASLÖJD. Göteborg, Sweden Geraldine Juárez. ...

Dataslöjd @ Simultáneo

exhibition, performance

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Hen-maskin =! man-maskin henslöjd =! hemslöjd "…art must be always produced by the subtlest of all machines, which is the human hand" - Selections from the Writings of John Ruskin   PROCESS SEPT ...


knitting, slöjd, text-mode

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By Raquel Meyers for F.A.T ...

Tele F.A.T


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Installation by Raquel Meyers. A combination of Spanish and Swedish markets. An animation made with text characters runs on a Commodore 64. 3D-printed underwear with cross-stitch hang above, accompanied by cross-stitch ...

Trevligt, Bra, Billigt (Bueno, Bonito, Barato)

exhibition, slöjd, text-mode

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Goto80's Dataslav performance turns the composer into a slave to the visitors. They tell him what to do by filling in a form, and he makes their wish come true in about 10 minutes, using an Amiga home computer. 15 ...


exhibition, music

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Fence stitching by raquel meyers and estela gómez at ...

Kommando Slöjd

embroidery, Kommando Slöjd, Kulturlagret, work in progress

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Alla besökare har chansen att få en skräddarsydd låt gjord av dataslaven Goto80 på vårt vernissage. Då får man låten på en av de här ...

Dataslavens disketter

exhibition, music

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Vernissage 27 juni, kl 17-21 på Kulturlagret K1, Backaplan, Backavägen 6. Därefter visning enligt bokning, Dataslöjd Summer Show är den första utställningen från den nya dataslöjdstudion ...

Dataslöjd Studio / Summer Show

exhibition, finanslöjd, Kulturlagret, papel picado, PETSCII, slöjd

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PETSCII (ASCII for the Commodore 64) designs for Papel ...

PETSCII & Papel picado test

papel picado, PETSCII, text-mode

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PETSCII design for 3D ...


3D printing, KKV, PETSCII, text-mode