Goto80’s Dataslav performance turns the composer into a slave to the visitors. They tell him what to do by filling in a form, and he makes their wish come true in about 10 minutes, using an Amiga home computer.

15 songs were made at the Dataslöjd Summer Exhibition. Many requests were quite open whereas others were very specific, mentioning certain songs, time signatures, situations, genres, etc. Geraldine requested a song to celebrate her dog that recently passed away. Niklas requested “dansbandsdrone”. Simon asked for a “gabber storm with a taste of strawberry and passion, in 3/4″.

Listen to the songs here, and read on below.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Feel free to download the original mod-files below and play them with for example Winamp or VLC. You can also load the mod-files into e.g Renoise and play around with them.

@00.00 The soundtrack to Sushi, a cat that drinks peacefully from vases and sleeps, or pees & runs like crazy. download mod

@01.23 Something good for traveling with public transport: buses, boats and trams. download mod

@02.10 Dog gabber with oriental parts. download mod

@02.45 Cover of Chelsea Wolf – Flatlands with an arabic touch. I never heard it, so she played it to me quickly and I did my best. download mod

@03.20 Drottningholms-acid with Vivaldi’s four seasons. Drottningholm is a Swedish castle. download mod

@03.35 Tribute to punk, a dog that died a few days eariler. download mod

@04.04 3/4 gabber with a taste of strawberry and passion. download mod

@04.25 Easy & funky, almost silly. Should fit for tv. Specific instruction for each instrument and overall arrangement. download mod

@05.06 Dansbandsdrone, ie swedish white trash music for bugging, mixed with drone. download mod

@06.17 Never ending story. download mod

@06.51 “Pulserande dalmål i baktakt. Strösslad med ljusa minnen om den dag som komma skall.” download mod

@07.16 Ljud-musik med knorr, which I interpreted as bendy sound acid. download mod

@07.47 Cover of a I’d Rather Dance by Kings of Convenience, which I never heard so it was quickly sung to me before I started. download mod

@08.30 Jazz version of the hurry up song in Bubble Bobble. download mod

@08.55 Shuffle disco version of Gläns Över Sjö och Strand. download mod

Most of the songs are less than 50 kilobytes in size (equivalent to an MP3 of 0.05 seconds). They were made on an Amiga using sounds ripped or made by teens in the early 90’s. Depending on the challenge of the task, I set a timer for 5-15 minutes and when it rang I stopped working and copied the song to a floppy.